Rebath Walk In Tub Creates a More Comfortable Bathing Experience

Whether you are maturing in age or simply want a bathroom experience that allows you to feel secure, its important to take safety and comfort into consideration when it comes to your bathtub or shower. For some people, converting an old bathtub into a safe, convenient, and easy-to-clean shower or walk-in bathtub can greatly extend the length of time they can stay in their home and enjoy their environment.

The walk-in bath-tub offers an easy ingress and comfortable seating. Easy-to-reach faucets and convenient grab bars add to the pleasure of your new bath experience.

Enjoy a deep warm soak or hydrotherapy massage. Walk-in tubs are great for arthritis pain, rheumatism, back pain, and many other ailments that people commonly suffer from.

Additionally, walk-in bathtubs increase accessibility and eliminate struggling to get in or out of the bath, increasing your bathroom safety.

Imagine no longer having to worry about leaks, mold and mildew, missing or discolored grout, and the time-consuming maintenance required to keep your bathtub or shower clean. DuraBath SSP wall surround systems are the ideal solution  a lustrous, and non-porous solid surface polymer that makes your new bath or shower easy to maintain.

Walk-in Bathtubs

Renovating your bathtub for convenience and comfort couldn’t be simpler with our walk-in bathtub offerings. Seniors no longer have to compromise luxury for safety. Re-Bath® would like to introduce you to a growing trend in bathroom remodeling: the walk-in bathtub!

This product is a most sought-after solution for seniors and customers facing mobility challenges. They carry their own line of walk-in tubs and the best national brands. Re-Bath® Select Walk-In Tubs combine unmatched safety features, easy accessibility and advanced technology to give you a safe and luxurious bathing experience.

  • Easy-access swinging door reduces tripping and slipping
  • Nearly 2 1/2 feet of water depth makes bathing upright relaxing
  • Comfortable seat and foot rest
  • Easy-to-reach faucets and multiple grab bars
  • Slip-resistant tub floor
  • Industry-leading filling and draining times
  • Available jetted system soothes away muscle and arthritic pain
  • Patented DuraBath® SSP material resists mold and mildew and won’t crack, peel or fade
  • ADA compliant and industry certified

Upgrade your bathroom with a beautiful, easy to clean ReBath & Kitchens® replacement bathtub.  bathtubs are made from DuraBath SSP™ which is a perfect replacement to worn out fiberglass units.

These bathtubs are available in several sizes and colors, and the non-porous surface will keep its brilliant shine for years to come. Plus it is much easier to clean than a fiberglass unit. The high gloss finish will not dent, rust, peel or crack which is why our DuraBath SSP™ bathtubs come with a Lifetime Warranty!