Warranty for your Residential Roofing Replacement

Warranty for Roofing Replacement

The day finally arrived … the day of your new roof installation. Choosing a color is chosen your roofing material, and the scope of review of the work being performed. What you can do to prepare and what you should know about the process of setting the ceiling?
The process of installing a new roofing on your house makes a construction site. There are several steps to ensure that your family and your hope that you are ready for a new installation should be taken.

All vehicles removed from the road and away from the structure should be parked. In addition, the use of the property that is the limit of the ceiling around the perimeter of anything should be removed.

All in a safe place for children and pets indoors or to be taken off the job site.

Content will be coming from the roofing to clean the lawn, may be present in the East. We will ensure that all debris will be removed when the roof is completed. In preparation, you, attic and garage to cover all valuables such as dust and debris can enter those places might. All roof attic Remember to disconnect the power to the fans.

Nail guns, nails, hammers, etc. are the noise during the process. You should expect the noise associated.

Satellite dishes that are mounted on your roof to allow proper installation may need to be moved.

Your job will receive a final inspection from our area superintendent. He will ensure that any remaining debris or material assets and that the installation is complete, the roof has been removed.

Andrews on the ceiling, we stand behind our work. We help our customers set up correctly and the expected life of the roof will perform a pledge to give a quality product. This does not mean that the roofing of its usable life may not need regular maintenance. Just like a vehicle a tune up, oil change or inspection is needed, regular maintenance and repair your roof needs to maximize its lifespan.